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  • Aversoft Sticker

    Aversoft Sticker is featured reminder / scheduler for Windows. It can help you keep in mind important information by displaying skinnable sticky notes on your Windows desktop. Sticker allows you to create and display as many notes as you want, set note's alarm, schedule tasks, print notes and lock them from being accidentally deleted. It also provides the notes organization function that lets you hide some notes or place them on top of other windows. The notes are saved automatically and it's easy to use just like the paper post-it notes. Sticker has skinnable interface and many colorful skins. Skins may have different forms, sizes and background images. A transparency feature makes notes half visible to make it easier for you to use your desktop.

    From The Customer: Thank you so much for a great product. I downloaded the free trial and it was exactly what I was looking for...especially those beautiful skins, had no trouble with download or install, a snap to start using right away without even reading the "help" files. I registered my copy that night. I have been so tickled with these notes that I've e-mailed a link for it to all my friends. Just wanted to let you know how much a free, full featured download was appreciated and am anxiously awaiting more skins. I'd be very interested considering how much I like your stickers!

    Thank you, Susan.

    From Press: Did you know that Post-it(r) Notes were invented by accident? I use to have these notes all over my monitor. Now my screen is clean as a whistle! No more bland notes for me! With Sticker, I am surrounded with pictures of paradise (downloaded from Aversoft's website). These great features are no accident. Sticker also has a transparency feature that makes the notes only half visible, making it much easier to use while working on your other programs. Don't walk away yet though... Sticker also allows you to print your notes, lock them from accidentally being deleted, and set an alarm (repeating or one-time). Speaking of alarms, mine just went off and opened up Outlook. Time to send out today's newsletter!

    Chris Pirillo, www.lockergnome.com

    The Main Features of the Program

  • Completely Customized Interface with Skins
  • The Program Minimized to the System Tray
  • Alarm / Schedule Task Function
  • Changeable Transparency (Require Windows 2000 / XP)
  • Usable and Friendly Interface

    System Requirements

    Windows XP / 2000 / Me / 98

    New in Version 4.01

  • "Unable to Delete Note" bug fixed
  • Skins rendering bugs fixed
  • Checking new version bug fixed

    New in Version 4.0

  • New improved engine optimized for performance in WinXP
  • New Tray Icon Customization functions
  • Uses Windows Recycle Bin to delete and restore notes
  • Alarm bugs fixes and improvements
  • Print function bugs fixed

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